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Felony Violations of Probation

By: Attorney, Michael S. Brown

My name is Michael Brown. I'm a criminal defense attorney here in the Orlando area, but cover all of Central Florida.

I used to be a prosecutor here in Orlando and one thing I worked on for 18 months was felony violations of probation.

When you're charged with a violation of probation you have already resolved your case initially with the judge so you're put on probation for whatever the offense is with the judge. Sometimes you can violate by not showing up, or catching a new case, or peeing in the cup positive. Whatever it is, so you know I worked on these violations of probation for 18 months solely. Nothing else.

When I was a prosecutor and I had the experience to deal with that because there's certain nuances on your prior history and your ability to get a bail on whether you can get out and go back on probation, or whether you are going to prison.

Having someone that can focus and knows those areas is very important. So you have to look at all the things. And if I'm representing you before you go on probation I can advise you on what it would look like, God forbid you violate.

Our goal is obviously, that you don't violate the terms of your probation.

If you do take a plea or you are convicted at trial. But you want to have someone who can tell you what it would look like late, God forbid you get in that situation.

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