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Lakeland, Florida Personal Injury Attorney, Sanga Turnbull provided this legal blog article which discusses Slip and Fall Cases. This Legal Topic falls under Personal Injury Law.

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Sanga Turnbull
Slip and Fall

By: Attorney, Sanga Turnbull

Hi, my name is Sanga Turnbull, and I'm the managing partner at THE TURNBULL LAW FIRM.

Today, I'll be talking to you about slip and fall cases, and how they're different from auto accident cases.

In auto accident case, it's fairly simple, right. Either you've been rear-ended, someone ran a light or someone failed to yield right away. And you may immediately know who's at fault.

Slip and Falls are a little bit different. A lot of folks think that it’s because you slipped on something or tripped on something in a store, and that's the end of the story. They automatically assume that the store should have done something about it, and you should be able to recover damages from them.

That's not necessarily the case. In order to be successful in a slip and fall or trip and fall case, you have to actually establish two things:

First, that there was something there, whether it's a liquid or an item or whatever the case may be.

Secondly, and more importantly; this is how slip and Falls are different from auto accidents; you have to establish that it was there long enough that the store should have known about it and should have done something to either correct it or warn you that it was there in the first place.

That second prong is where slip and fall cases are a little bit different than auto accident cases, because those two problems are necessary to establish that the store was not only at fault for your injuries but also responsible for paying for both your medical expenses and any injuries you suffered as a result.

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