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Ricardo Alvarez
Medical Marijuana Cards

By: Attorney, Ricardo Alvarez

Hi my name is Ricardo Alvarez. I'm a criminal defense attorney.

Today I want to talk to you about medical marijuana cards.

A lot of people think that it gives you a pass as far as possessing or consuming marijuana that is not Medical in nature. Medical marijuana has a very low THC.

If you get stopped for any traffic infraction and the officer smells the odor of marijuana, they're going to try to search you. They are going to try to find the marijuana and test it. And if they test the marijuana and the THC is high that is a clue and that is an indication that it's not medical marijuana.

A lot of my clients come in say “well, you know I have my medical marijuana card.” But the marijuana that you were smoking in your car is not medical marijuana. Which is illegal.

So you have to be mindful. A lot of people believe that that gives you a pass, it does not. All medical marijuana has very low THC, and it's not going to test maybe one percent of THC. It's not going to test the same as as non-medical marijuana.

So be mindful of that the Medical Marijuana Card is not a pass, and also a small piece of advice…

Don't drive and and smoke marijuana!

If you get stopped for any reason the smell of marijuana stays there for days and they're going to call the canines. They're going to look for an excuse to search your vehicle, and they're most likely going to find something in your vehicle, even if it's a roach. So don't do it.

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